Last page of document does not print

Hello, I set up a printing profile with Auto save to a specific directory. The software I am printing from, if printed on paper, generates 7 different files, which results in 7 pages. When using the printing profile I set up, it is only creating 6 PDFs instead of 7. Sometimes there is a long delay (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) for the 7th PDF to show. But sometimes it never creates that 7th PDF. Any ideas? Thank you.

Dear @KellyKato,

This sounds rather strange. Which application are you using?

Please enable trace logging inside PDFCreator which will help us to find the cause of the problem more quickly. To enable the logging, start PDFCreator and turn the logging level to “trace” in the debug tab of the application settings. Now run a print job with your application to replicate the error and send us the resulting log support (at) pdfforge (dot) org

For a better understanding, please attach a few screenshots as well of how/why the application is ‘generating 7 different files’. Thank you.

Kind regards