License expired but its not!

We have PDFCreator Terminal Server 2.5.3
It runs on multiple Citrix Servers.

Users are getting the error…
"Your License for “PDFCreator Terminal Server 2.5.3” is invalid or has expired.

When I check the license it expires 07/26/2018.

Activation valid till: 08/09/2017 and today is 08/08/17,this makes no sense.

Please send a workaround, this is not good as its affecting all users at our Bank.


did you already configure a user account to run the activation service?
It runs as local system by default so it might have no internet connection which is required to contact our license server:

If you already did this but are still encountering issues, please let us know your licensee name and we will check the license server logs for your license and help to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,
Sorry for the trouble.

Best regards,



I now have the service using an admin account and it does NOT work.

It still says license is invalid or expired. This MUST work with our citrix environment or we are going have to find another option.

Is there anyway to turn this off? Can you create a new version or set something on your server to disable activation checks?

Our license is good until 7/28/2018 and makes no sense to check everyday.

Citrix worker servers get a new image every night and reboot.
I believe this is the issue with your product, as the image has the proper account for the service, but the activation is set to expire 8/9.

Please advise ASAP.


Hi Andy,

sorry for the trouble.
is the service configured on the master image? If the servers get a new image each day, the activation needs to be handled on the master image. The service itself tested and running in many Citrix environment, the daily check is required for license renewals/ refunds or generally getting updated information from the license server to the client. You can alternatively perform an offline activation on the master image:
This will stay valid for the entire license period and removes any potential connection issues, but if any changes are made to the license, you will need to perform a new offline activation in order to get the updated information to the machines.

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