License key issue, Architect 4/5

Hello, last January I bought two PDF Architect (release 4) license keys. I installed them on two computers in my company, and everything was ok. Today I needed to re-install Architect on one of the two PC (I downloaded and installed release 5), due to some software issues, but after the reinstalling, the program didn’t let me to activate the license.
Could you kindly help me?

Alessio Sala


we can help you with this issue(s).
The first issue is the licenses are always tied to a machine ID, so it isn’t possible to install them onto another machine without contacting our support. If you re-installed it onto the same machine, this usually shouldn’t cause any problems, unless the machine ID changed for some reason, which seems to have happened in this case.
The second issue is, you can’t use a PDF Architect 4 license to activate PDF Architect 5.
Please send a mail with your PDF Architect 4 license key to support(at) and we will reset the activations for it so that you can use it again.

Best regards,


Dear Robin,

thanks for your reply. Sorry, I thought I could install also the release 5 with the license key of Architect 4 I bought last January. With the license key, I bought also the PDF Architect Extended Download Protection 2 Years, so that I thought that protection let me download and install also the new releases. Just a misunderstanding.
The machine ID was the same, same computer. Only problem was the different release.
I solve, thank you.

Best regards
Alessio Sala