Hello, I have a question regarding the licensing terms. First off let me say that I have browsed through the forum and found 2 discussions related to my question, yet the answers were not there or were not satisfactory.

Basically what I want to do is this:

a. My company (B2B) sells software (so it is not free - we get paid by our customers).

b. We need a reliable tool to print documents (reports, word docs, etc) to a PDF format. Documents are created using a reporting tool of ours and we do not want to develop the PDF functionality. Instead we would like to use an available tool. So what we want to do is tell our customers to download say your PDF Creator, and install it. Then we would use COM to link to your tool and print our documents to PDF using it.

c. Can we do it, free of charge, without any legal consequences? (violating your terms, ghostscript, etc.)

d. If we cannot (and I am afraid that may be the case) can you provide a commercial version of your software. One that we would pay you for, and in return we would get the right to use it as mentioned above.

e. Yet another question is if we could receive your source code - just in case of a bug that must be fixed really fast. We do not want to touch,sell, modify your code - we just want to be sure we have a "backup plan" just in case. (devexpress guys handle this well - source code license I mean) 


I would really appreciate your answer - and I believe I am not the only one, judgin from other posts.



Vincent Vega