Link within PDF to another page

I am trying to create links within the document to go to another page.

I have tried the INSERT/LINK and followed the instructions from PDFForge.

They simply do not work. I follow the steps and NO button or link is created. It just goes around in circles asking me to do the same 3 steps over and over again without creating the link

How to I create a link within the document?

Thank you


Quick question: Are you using PDF Architect 7?


Morning Sascha

Quick answer :smiley:


After clicking Insert > Links and PDF Architect comes up with cross hairs. I then define an area for the link and it gives the following options (see screenshot):

Hi Sascha
I do all that and all it does is go around in circles and asks me the same questions again,.

I never get the "link box"


I draw the box location and then get the "ADD ACTION dialogue.

I select GOT PAGE and selecte the ptarget page. I then get that page listed in the lower section where I am to arrange actions and order.

I select OK and then the crosshairs show up again.

No box is made, no link no nothing.

I humour the software and again draw location of the Link box and it starts the same process over again.

I CAN NOT get a linked action.

Only way I get get out of the endless loop is to Cancel teh action otherwise it just keeps going around and around