Loaded with crapware

A now ex-friend recommended PDF Creator as a good replacement for PrimoPDF, so I downloaded and installed it. Without my permission, it also installed something called PDF Architect with ribbon tabs in Word, Excel, Outlook, and I  don’t know where all.

All I wanted was a simple PDF creator as a printer, like PrimoPDF. I got a boat load of crapware that I didn’t want and didn’t approve. Is there an efficient way to remove this crap?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


PDF Architect is clearly listed as component during the PDFCreator setup (no need to select expert settings, the component list is always shown) where it can be deselected and can be removed by the default method of uninstalling through the windows control panel. While bundled software sometimes doesn’t offer any real benefits, this is also not the case with PDF Architect: Its free create module allows you to rotate/move/delete pages inside a PDF, also there is a GUI for combining entire fodlers into PDF. If you are mainly bothered by the ribbon tabs, these can also be disabled without uninstalling PDF Archtect, by selecting it from the list of “programs and features” of the windwos control panel and chosing change/modify instead of uninstall, then unchecking any undesired parts.

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