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I can't seem to find any information or examples on how to call/load the different profiles created in PDFCreator.

I would like the AutoSave feature to save the pdf files in any 1 of 3 folders, depending on what is printed.

I tried /forceinstall to install multiple copies, but they all point to the same default Autosave folder.

I later discovered that profiles can be created and have their own individual settings.  Great!  How do I call them up??

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There is no need to /forceinstall to add PDF printers to your system.

Here is the way I used PDFCreator features to print different ways:

1) In "PDF Creator - PDF Print Monitor" (PDF Creator front-end), go to "Printer"/"Options" (or Ctrl-O)

2) Create the profiles you need. E.g.:

  • "Daddy's profile" with "Autosave" set to create PDFs in "C:\\Document and settings\\Daddy\\Documents"
  • "Mummy's profile" with "Autosave" set to create PDFs in "C:\\Document and settings\\Mummy\\Documents"
  • "Junior's profile" with "Autosave" set to create PDFs in "C:\\Document and settings\\Junior\\Documents"
  • "Secured PDFs profile" with "Formats" / "PDF" / "Security" set with "High encryption level", "Disallow user to modify the document / comments"

3) Back to the front-end, go to "Print" / "Printers". In the new window, you should see the standard "PDFCreator" printer, associated with "Default" profile.
For each of your profile, do as follow:

  • In the "New printer name", type in an easy-to-understand name
  • Click on "Add printer" button
  • Select the new printer in the list above once it is added
  • Select desired profile to associate with it

Based on my examples:

  • "Daddy's PDF" printer is associated with "Daddy's profile"
  • "Mummy's PDF" printer is associated with "Mummy's profile"
  • "Junior's PDF" printer is associated with "Junior's profile"
  • "Daddy's secured PDF " printer is associated with ""Secured PDFs profile"

Don't forget to click on "Save" button!

From now on, all those virtual printers are available in the "Printers" system folder. When you print from ANY software, you can choose "PDFCreator" as usual, but also "Daddy's PDF", and so on.

If you select a printer associated with a profile with "Auto-save", PDFs will go straight to the designated folder, PROVIDED the current user has write permission on it! (or so I guess: As I always have Admin rights on my computer, I can't test for this).

If you select a printer associated with a profile with "Security" set, you will be prompted for usual information (file description, file destination ...) AND for a protection password.

It works well on my current configurations, both at home and at work.



That's great, but would be better if done from the command line, as for creating a new virtual printer by entering:

"%programfiles%\\pdfcreator\\pdfcreator.exe" /installprinter= /Nostart

Is is possible?


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Hi makeijan,

As I am currently scanning the help file for information on using command line, I agree with you that command-line capabilities are a little behind the new interactive features.

There seems to be (yet) no command-line option to:

  • specify a named printer amongst the virtual printers defined
  • specify output directory when printing with default program
    (one can not mix /OF and /PF options, says help file)
  • specify auto-save
  • define filename format for auto-save

As the help file says, the /OptionsFile option may help "with a little work", but I can't find a clear specification how what may be in that INI file.

PDFCreator is such a  powerful interactive tool, we expect it to offer the same level of services when automated. And we are disappointed when not. However, I think only few "advanced" (corporate?) users are concerned ...

These are clues for contribution, I guess (if only I had time).



Not exactly corporate enviroment (25 users), but I think a more than 5 users deployment, worth the effort of some scripting and/or remote deployment work. I've uninstalled 0.9.3 an installed 0.9.9, without leaving my office chair, and would be great if I could make a new printer (in fact I've done it) and asign a different profile for each of them.

By the way, INI files?. According to this post no more INI file editting is expected, and lots of registry tweaking instead.