Locked Directory

 I've been a happy PDFCreator user for 2 years, great tool! 

I have one small issue with PDFCreator 1.2.3 (and earlier):

With the PDFCreator process running (visible in the tasktray), and creating a file (any format, PDF or PNG or...) though the printerdriver, the output directory of the file (not the output file itself) stays locked afterwards by PDFcreator.exe.

The effect is that this directory cannot be renamed or moved until PDFCreator is closed. I frequently save PDF documents from PDFCreator to a mounted Truecrypt volume, and the locked directory causes the volume to be unable to unmount. After closing the PDFCreator process, it unmounts fine.

This can be reproduced by (without the need for Truecrypt):

- Start the PDFCreator program if it's not running

- Print a random file to the PDFCreator 'printer', choose to save the file to a directory (as opposed to emailing it etc.), choose PDF as the format (though any format appears to behave the same). Remember the output directory.

- After saving the file in the resulting directory, try to rename the output directory (e.g. in explorer or via cmd). It will be 'locked by another process'.

- Close PDFCreator 

- Now the output directory can be renamed.

I've quickly browser through the sourcecode, but couldn't find anything suspicous. The locking might actually occur in a Ghostscript dll which is loaded by PDFCreator. It would probably still show up as being locked by pdfcreator.exe this way (it does so in sysinternal's process explorer).

Not a big issue, but in combination with my use of Truecrypt a small annoyance to me.