Looking for a way to print to PDFCreator printer from my app without raising any Save dialogs

Here's my scenario...

I have an app, which allows the user to physically print a document.

I want to use the PDFCreator's workflow capability as an intermediary that would allow me to transparently generate a PDF from the initial document that was sent to print, adjust the generated PDF using another external program (which is a part of my app), then forward the adjusted PDF to the system's default physical printer for final output.

Is there a way to achieve all this without raising any PDFCreator dialogs that would require user's interaction?

In case it matters, the version I'm working with is 4.1.3.

So far, I've managed to define a custom PDFCreator profile with a workflow that performs the intermediary steps I would require (i.e. calling my adjustments-making app).

Unfortunately, I can't find a way to connect the flow. When I click "Print" in my app, a PDFCreator Save dialog is presented, which is not what I want. Furthermore, my custom profile is not selected by default (presumably because I don't know yet how to configure that). And even if I select it, there is no "Print" option, only "Save". Which I actually want to avoid here... Nor me nor the user of my app are interested in saving the PDF to disk - it's all just an intermediary step to reaching the ultimate and only goal: to print out the adjusted document on the physical printer.

I admit I'm probably confusing a number of things regarding PDFCreator's features, but I got the impression that what I want should be somehow possible.

I'd very much appreciate any pointers I could get! Thank you!

I somehow missed the option to enable "Automatic" mode on the profile, so this part of the problem is now solved.

What remains is a way to specify a non-default profile without requiring user interaction.

I'm currently falling back on modifying the default profile instead of defining a new one that would be specific to my app, but this seems less than ideal. Why have multiple profiles, if choice can only be made interactively in the end? My user doesn't know nor care, so I have to automate this 100%.

Another update!

I've discovered that I could go one level up and simply register a custom printer and set my custom profile as its default, then configure the app to print to this new printer.

This might in the end be the best possible solution, because my users can now see that the app is actually printing to the desired printer and be satisfied that the result will be correct.

Unless someone wants to give me further guidance, I believe this whole question can be closed. Cheers! :slight_smile: