Losing <ClientComputer> information

We are using Auto save function, with the information. It works great if everything is use within the same subnet, but if we use it through multiple subnet then the tag is always getting the IP address of the router.

How could it be possible to not lose that information when you are using pdfcreator through many different subnets.



I think we have found the problem to this.

We have 2 subnets: and, all the client computer where in the subnet.

The server with pdfcreator is on, we shared the pirnted and installed it on all client computers.

If we want the tag to return a valid value, all we have to do is add all the client computers into a DNS within the subnet. Then all the computer names can be resolved to an IP Adress. Then the tag retuns the valid value.

If a DNS is not available adding the machine name and ip address into the Host file worked out also.

This seems to have fixed our issues.





See also the hidden setting ClientComputerResolveIPAddress in the help file.