Lotus Notes 8.5.3 bug using e-mail function / got a second taskbar button

Dear All,

I just installed PDF Creator 1.7.3 and used the “E-Mail” function.

PDF Creator generates an attachment within in a new mail. Everything works fine so far and I can send the mail.

But this function leaves a second notes tasbar button which does not close automatically.

I tested it on a Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8 64 bit client. It also occurs with version 1.7.2.

I´m using a Dual Monitor system and Notes starts on the right panel. I got the second task on the left panel and have to close it manually every time I used this mail function. the second taskbar button also comes up on the Single Monitor system but behind the first one.

I don´t have this issue with other PDF generators.

Any ideas?

I just found a solution. I switch in the settings “Method to send mails” from automatic to Mapi.