Mail to does not work

I created a form that included a ‘Mail to’ button as well as a ‘Print’ button.  The print button brings up a printer dialog box as it should whether Im filling the form in PDF Architect or in Adobe reader… the ‘Mail’ button however, does nothing if the form is not being edited in PDF Architect.  What am I doing wrong.? I can send the form if necessary…


Also a couple of other things… I thought it might be a ‘need of upgrade’ so I upgraded to v  After doing that, the ‘Print’ and ‘EMail’ buttons look like graphic mosiacs… dont look right… AND is there any way to remove an object from a form/pdf after adding it?  You can delete a page but not an individual object?  Lots of other questions as well… how to default date?  Can I create a template and use a questionaire to ask fill in information to put into the form, then save it and send to a client to finish filling out and send back via email?  Much like if I used the template for Customer satisfaction survey?  And where do I get Javascript examples for default date, date format on field, etc?