Make PDFCreator switch the default printer back after use

I am running PDFCreator on several terminals and it works realy well. The only problem is that every time it is used PDFCreator is set as the default printer. I am wondering if there is some kind of script or setting I can use to make PDFCreator switch the default printer back after use? It would be of BIG help because there are many users that have to do this manually each time they use it.

A) use the COM interface (see documentation) OR
B) use a VBS script and execute it after each printing operation

here a howto of option B:

01) download ""
02) extract the included "setdefaultprinter.vbs"
03) open "setdefaultprinter.vbs" with notepad and set your default printer
04) copy "setdefaultprinter.vbs" to your PDFCreator\\Scripts\\RunProgramAfterSaving directory
05) start PDFCreator and choose menue "Printer->Options"
06) choose "Actions->Actions after saving"
07) check the box "Action after saving"
08) choose "setdefaultprinter.vbs" from the Program/script dropdown
09) delete everything from the field Program/Parameters
10) check the box "Wait until the program/script is ready"
11) click Save and be happy ;)

now PDFCreator will run the script "setdefaultprinter.vbs" after each printing operation and the script "setdefaultprinter.vbs" will set the default printer to whatever you have set in step 03.

just for the record:
to see if "setdefaultprinter.vbs" is set your default printer properly you may execute "setdefaultprinter.bat" before you add the script to PDFCreator.

Thanks a lot!
Made some smal changes to it and it works perfectly :)
The changes were minimal, like deleting the two echoes in the end. Also notices that the printer name had to be set up correctly. Our servers are set up through a terminal server so the printer name was: "\\\\terminalserver\\printername" or else it worked for one printer and not the other. Just in case more people are gonna enjoy your work.

Good work