Malware in Download!

I have tried to download and install the current version of PDF Creator twice in the last 2 weeks and each time my malware protection program (WebRoot) has found the pua install monetizer trojan in the download.

Oddly, the malware does NOT show up during the initial download or in a scan of the downloaded set-up file.  WebRoot only alerts on this malware:
– after the set-up has been initiated and
– after the old installation of PDF Creator has been removed.

Please let us know when this contamination has been REMOVED from the download file so I can safely install and run a current version of this software.



it is possible there is a false virus threat detection due to the fact an offer screen is loaded during the setup.
It only displays an optional offer and nothing will get installed additionally without your acceptance.
All files on our servers have been checked before uploading.
If you feel uncertain, please see the result if you upload the setup to where most software correctly identifies the file as safe, if something is found, it’s the offer screen mentioned above. 
An ad free setup is available here for a small license fee:

best regards,


Thanks for your feedback, Cay.  I appreciate your confirmation that the software is free of malware.

However, the challenge at this end is that WebRoot actually prevents me from being able to install the updated version of PDF Creator – and, at this point, I don’t know if there is anyway to bypass the settings in WebRoot that are blocking the installation process.

I may look into this further at some point in the future and see what I can do…

In the meantime, I eventually managed to find a set-up file for an earlier (older) version of PDF Creator that I was able to install and successfully use with no problems whatsoever. At this point, since “it ain’t broke”, I confess I’m disinclined now to try “fix” it! :wink:

With appreciation,