Manage settings from VBScript or VBA with pdfcreator 2.x


I’m currently using a report runtime for generating some pdf files and sending some of them by email.
I have no programming interface into the report runtime, so I can’t define the pdf filename, the output folder or the email recipient into it.
One scripting solution would be to modify the registry keys before running the report and rolling back the values to their previuous state after. But one of the most difficult part would be to indentify which registry values need to be changed.
But I think there is another solution, directly using the COM object from a vbscript. I had a look at the manual help file but i didn’t find enough information to get all ths stuff before writing anything.
First, which object should I use ? I saw there was a least 3 object (PDFCreator, the Queue and the PrintJob). Which is the correct syntax in vbscript (I’m not aware in javascript or c#).

Thank you for your help.


we are currently working on providing other scripts/programs (including vbscript) that demonstrate the usage of the COM Interface. We will deploy them soon.

Please have a look at the manual especially at the chapter COM Interface in the User Manual/Basics/Conversion section. That’s where we describe the basic workflow and further the manual provides detailed explanation depending on what you want to do with the COM Interface e.g. how to change certain settings, how to convert multiple files, how to merge files etc.