Margin created during conversion

I was wondering if there is a way to remove the margin that is automatically created when converting a document (in my case, a .ppt) to PDF.  When I print the original .ppt and compare it to a printed version of the .pdf, a additional 3/16 in gap is created between the edge of the paper and the content on all four sides.  This also results in the content being compressed.

Is there a way to remove this gap that is added during the conversion to that hard copies the .pdf will exactly match hard copies of the .ppt?

I have seen this same issue with Excel files that have a tight margin also.  The margin gets expanded when using PDF Creator.  I posted related questions a few times and never got a response.

It was like i was the only one with the issue.




i am also having the same issue with excel. my 1 pge excel sheet prints to 2 page.

bump, seems to be a common problem.

Anyone doing much with Excel seeing the page numbering issue mentioned in this post?

That is another pain point of mine when the total number of pages jumps up and down  when "TOTAL" pages should be static.


Was a solution to this issue found?  When I print from our electronic medical record software using Adobe Acrobat, the formatting is fine.  When I print the same document using PDFCreator, the margins have changed such that the top margin is too small (the text starts at the top of the page) and the side margins are too wide.  Any ideas?


I am not sure if the problem was even acknowledged by the developers yet.



I am also facing the same issue with the html files.

While converting html files to pdf using pdfcreator version 9, observed the margin issue which ultimately results in the truncation of some data.

Anybody if found any solution please let us know.

Thanks in advance.

I'm experiencing the same problem that margins are increased automatically with both Excel and Powerpoint files. This is very annoying and I hope that it can be fixed.



I have a similar problem using a custom database.  It is as if the top, bottom and left side of printouts have no margin.  While printing directly to the printer is fine, if I use PDFCreator it is as if it thinks the page is longer and slightly wider than an A4.  I miss the top line, the first letter and part of the bottom line of a full page.  I can't find any way of adjusting margins in PCDCreator.  Please help.

IMHO, this is one of the universal problem that occurs to everyone who convert their .PPT file into PDF format. Hence instead of any other solution I use third party software called Moyea. It is working fine and perfectly for me. I suggest you to use same software if you have to convert a lots of .PPT files into PDF format.

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I finally figured out how to fix this problem! I saw someone mention something in another thread about setting a custom postscript page size in the printer properties, and I did this, and it appears to be the only way to solve the problem. Here's what you do:

1. Go to Printers and Faxes in the Start menu of Windows.

2. Click PDFCreator and then click Set printer properties.

3. Click Printing preferences.

4. Click Advanced.

5. Under Paper Size, choose PostScript Custom Page Size.

6. Enter the dimensions of your document (for letter, width 8.50 inches by length 11.00 inches).

7. Click OK, OK, OK, OK.

There is one more thing you need to do. The first thing, described above, prevents PDFCreator from rescaling the document (which it does, even if "scaling" in the printer properties is set at 100%). You also need to make sure that the resulting PDF itself is always the right page size.

1. In PDFCreator, click the Options button (looks like a page with a check mark).

2. Under Document, click the Document Properties 2 tab.

3. Make sure that Use fixed paper size is unchecked, or check it and choose the size of the documents you make.

4. Click Save.



I am experiencing the same margin/resizing problem from Microsoft Word. It's very annoying.

Thank you - thank you.  This solved my problem.  PDFCreator was scaling documents from Word and I could not figure out what was going on.  This information should absolutely be included with the help file on PDF Creator.  I would never have been able to come up with this solution on my own.

I was very glad to see these solutions posted, thanks. I'm still having trouble in Windows 7. Your instructions did change how the conversion ended up, but the pages were still off center with some of the page missing. Manually setting the dimensions isn't working for me either. Any further ideas about this?

 By the way, I'm using Open Office for document creation, but I've converted the Writer docs to PDF format already. What I'm actually trying to do is combine these PDFs into one (and saving this as a .ps file), and then printing the combined PDF to file.

Good find mrndt!


Under step 5 of the 7 part fix, all I had to do was change A4 (the non-US paper size used in much of the world) to Letter, and the margin was fixed. For now, I'm assuming this approach makes the next 4 step process unnecessary.