Merge tool doesn't merge

I have PDFCreator gather a number of Word files by either printing to PDFCreator from Word or using the right click -> Convert method. In the PDFCreator window I have the Merge button with a the number of documents in a green bubble, however when I click the Merge button I dont get a new window and it just converts the first file to PDF and increments the green number down by one. I can't seem to get it to actually merge multiple files.


Hi @Chris723

Which version of PDFCreator are you using? Why don't you send us a log file to

Start PDFCreator > Go to application settings (:gear: - button) > Debug and set the logging level to "Trace". Now run a few print jobs to reproduce the error, select 'show log file' and send us the output (in some instances it makes sense to clear the log file before replicating the issue).

Kind regards

PDFCreator is a great tool but in addition, I would like to include something.
If you want to do it right now and you don't have any other option of merging pdf files then you can try to merge pdf files online. There is various website online to merge pdf files.
And if you are using Mac Os then you don't need to do anything, you can merge pdf files with a few clicks (How to Merge PDF Files on Mac)
Whenever I need to merge pdf files I always use online websites, they work perfectly and the good thing is most of them are free.