Merging PDF files via Access VBA

Hi all,
this is my first post, and I need some basic assistance please.

I’ve set up some VBA code via Access to merge some PDF files into one PDF document.

My code is almost there. my only roadblock is that once each PDF gets sent to the PDFCreator Print Queue, the macro freezes until I close Adobe Acrobat (using Reader since some of the folks that I support do NOT have Pro).

I’m somewhat able to work around that by launching Adobe first, but then the PDFCreator dialogue box appears with all of the jobs queued up. I tried using a sendkeys command to work through that, but to no avail.

below is my code:

Private Sub MergePDFs_Click()

If FileThere(“Acrobat.exe”) Then
ShellEx “Acrobat.exe”
ShellEx “AcroRd32.exe”
End If

Dim fn(0 To 20) As String, s As String
Dim p_file_name As String

Dim yearstr As String
Dim YYYYMM As String

YYYYMM = (Year(Now()) * 100) + Month(Now())

If Mid(Me.text1, 4, 2) * 1 > 96 Then
yearstr = “19” & Mid(Me.text1, 4, 2)
yearstr = “20” & Mid(Me.text1, 4, 2)
End If

p_file_name = Left(Me.text1, 3) & “_” & yearstr & Right(Me.text1, 3) & “p” & YYYYMM & “.pdf”

fn(0) = “C:\file1.pdf”
fn(1) = “C:\file2.pdf”
fn(2) = “C:\file3.pdf”
fn(3) = “C:\file4.pdf”
fn(4) = “C:\file5.pdf”
fn(5) = “C:\file6.pdf”
fn(6) = “C:\file7.pdf”
fn(7) = “C:\file8.pdf”

s = “C:\merged_PDF_File.pdf”

PDFCreatorCombine fn(), s

If FileThere(“C:\merged_PDF_File.pdf”) Then
Application.FollowHyperlink “C:\merged_PDF_File.pdf”

End If
End Sub

Sub PDFCreatorCombine(sPDFName() As String, sMergedPDFname As String, Optional tfKillMergedFile As Boolean = True)
Dim oPDF As PDFCreator.PdfCreatorObj, q As PDFCreator.Queue
Dim pj As PrintJob
Dim v As Variant, i As Integer, ii As Integer
Dim fso As Object, tf As Boolean
Dim s() As String
Dim brestart As Boolean
Dim MergedPDF As String
MergedPDF = “C:\merged_PDF_File.pdf”

Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
If tfKillMergedFile And fso.FileExists(sMergedPDFname) Then Kill sMergedPDFname

Set q = New PDFCreator.Queue

With q

On Error Resume Next

If LBound(sPDFName) = 0 Then
.WaitForJobs UBound(sPDFName) + 1, 1
.WaitForJobs UBound(sPDFName), 1
End If

Set oPDF = New PDFCreator.PdfCreatorObj
tf = .WaitForJobs(ii, 5)

i = 0
For Each v In sPDFName()
If fso.FileExists(v) Then oPDF.PrintFile

i = i + 1

Next v

On Error GoTo endnow

Set pj = q.NextJob
With pj
.SetProfileByGuid “DefaultGuid”
.SetProfileSetting “Printing.PrinterName”, “PDFCreator”
.SetProfileSetting “Printing.SelectPrinter”, “SelectedPrinter”
.SetProfileSetting “OpenViewer”, “false”
.SetProfileSetting “OpenWithPdfArchitect”, “false”
.SetProfileSetting “ShowProgress”, “false”
.ConvertTo sMergedPDFname
End With
End With
Set pj = Nothing

End Sub



instead of printing the PDF from Adobe I recommend adding it to the queue directly with PDFCreator command line parameters:

The Adobe behaviour is beyond our control.

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