Mesuring in PDF Architect

PDF Architect has got the possibilty to use a grid and a scale while viewing a plan or a drafting. However I could not find a tool for actually mesur somthing like: lenght, width, surface or even giving the relation to a scale like 1:100. (Acrobat DC dos have that!!) Who can help?


I am afraid there aren’t any direct measurement tools in PDF Architect, sorry.

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Hi Robin

Ist really a pitti that there is no means for mesourments. Many architects and planners a certainly using pdf Architect and what they really need is a good tool for measuring distance and surface in different scales.


Maybe it is too late but at work I use 3 pdf viewer :

  • Adobe for 3D PDF
  • PDF Architect for viewing
  • PDF Xchange for measuring areas and lenght upon 2D scaled plan (note that’s some PDF created with strench option can break the scale while creating, therefore you should check the scale upon given distances in the 2 directions before measuring any unknown distances or areas).

Christophe CHEVALIER, structural analysis engineer.


it is never too late:) We always love productive feedback and I am happy to say PDF Architect 6 will include measurement tools (including an option to calibrate them) which will hopefully meet all your demands.

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