Microsoft wireless mouse scroll wheel functionality - Architect 4


Hi. I just bought a new MS wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Everything is fine except the scroll wheel functionality with Architect 4 doesn’t work. So I’m forced to use the scroll bar to scroll.

I’ve checked the scroll wheel functionality on a bunch of other software that’s installed on this computer and it works fine, i.e. the problem is limited to Architect 4. Any ideas? Cheers



if you have the latest drivers for the mouise installed and the scroll wheel is working in other applications, it might be a compatibility issue. If you are using the free version of PDF Architect 4, please update to PDF Architect 5. If you purchased any modules or packages for PDF Architect 4, please contact our PDF Architect support team about this.

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I have the same problem as Lofty10 and you are up to Version 7.Thoughts?