Minimised Word File Takes Focus Away From PDFCreator

We use PDFCreator in our VB6 application and it works very well. We have noticed however that with .cWindowState = vbNormal (to give the user some feedback during PDF conversion) if an MS Word file (which is closed) is being converted while another MS Word file is already open as minimised, the minimised file becomes maximised and takes focus once .cPrintFile (sSourceFile) is executed. The PDFCreator window then goes behind the Word window and can't be bought back to the front programmably. This is probably due to the (Word?) print dialog which shows briefly.

There are no problems if no Word files are open minimised during the conversion and the PDFCreator window remains visible during the whole conversion.

How can we stop Word taking focus from PDFCreator?

Thanks for any assistance

We found that that setting.cWindowState = vbNormal after .cPrintFile (sSourceFile) and not before it, then the monitor focus over-rides the Word file and takes focus forcing the Word file to be minimised again.