Missing pdf files

I have Autosave enabled to batch print from a program. It autosaves the files with the date and time (year month day seconds) as the file name. However, I am missing some PDFs when it completes. The print count from my program is higher than the output. I was able to track down which ones were missing, with no rhyme or reason as to why. Is it possible that it prints so fast that it could be naming two files in the same second, therefore overwriting some? When I delete all the files and start over again, it is different PDFs that are missing each time. Version 1.4.3 because I have to wait for my IT guy to log in as admin to install 1.6.2


yes this seems very possible. You could add a counter token to prevent this, if this is suitable.



Thank you! That was the problem. Adding the counter token solved the issue.