Mixed paper sizes and orientations in document

I have some documents which have pages of different sizes.

A PDF with mainly A3 landscape pages and one A0 landscape page works fine when printed to PDF Creator and viewed with Adobe Reader.

A PDF with A4 portrait and A2 landscape also works fine, but if I use A4 portrait and A3 landscape, the A3 page is rotated.

Having disabled the auto-rotation option in PDF Creator and upgraded to version 1.7 without improvement, I thought : is it because the short edge of A3 is the same size as the long edge of A4 ?

I created a custom paper size of 298 x 420 mm in PDF Creator and printed my A3 page on that, and now it works properly.

Is there a better way to do this ?


probably not, as ghostscript has only limited capabilities of getting the correct orientation.



The problem returned yesterday in a worse form. I’ve a Word document of 10 pages of A3 landscape containing a number of diagrams. Three pages were rotated to portrait (I suppose because of the number of vertical labels).

After failing with all the tricks I know, I finished up using pdfArchitect to rotate the pages into the correct orientation.

It seems to be this bug in Ghostscript http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=692208.


once the new version of PDFCreator written in C# is done, there will be an option to force the rotation of the pages.