Msccess 1.7 to 2.3

we have an ms access application that prints pdf from a report. This app was working fine in windows xp. Now we upgraded the pc to windows 7. Now the pdfcreator is version 2.3 and it is not working. First issue I see is, unable to reference to pdfcreator.exe.

is there any help with this issue?

I looked at C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\COM Scripts\Word - VBA.

however there is no document or example in this folder.

Please help urgent.


there should be a testpage2PDF.docm in that folder containing some macros.
Here is a link to the documentation of the new COM interface:

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You have to use 1.7.3 until you redo the VBA logic for version 2.5.x. It was a complete rewrite and the interface is completely different. I had to do the same thing. So now I check to see which version of PDF Creator my client has, and use the appropriate routines.