MSI installation May2017


Recently when trying to deploy MSI package, I am getting following error.
Version of product : PDFforge Business 2.2.1 and abobe.

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

Do you have any workaround for this?



there can be mutiple reasons for this, unfortunately the MSI doesn’t display very helpfull error messages.
Any versions of PDFCreator which were still installed with an .exe installer need to get uninstalled manually before running the MSI.
The MSI needs to be run with full admin rights and be able to contact
You need to pass the license key as parameter, since there is no gui for entering it during the MSI setup.
Here is some genereral information on the MSI for PDFCreator:

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So I had this problem and spent a few hours getting to the bottom of it.

You'll receive this error if you try to install the PDFCreator .MSI package using an expired key.

You'll also receive this message if there are references to the old version of PDFCreator left in the registry. For some reason it tries to use the license key in the registry even if you pass it a new one through the command line.

Try deleting the 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\pdfforge' subkey from the registry.

We are deploying PDFCreator using MS Configuration Manager. I found that there were remnants of the old package in the Software Center Cache and the new package would try to run the old installer then fail. To resolve this issue open Control Panel - Configuration Manager - Cache tab - Configure Settings - Delete Files. Run the installer from an elevated CMD prompt without the /quiet switch. It should throw an error stating that it cannot find the installer files and should reference a Cache location in C:\Windows.Copy this path and do a search for it in regedit. Delete the registry key to remove references to the old installer.

Lastly try running the app again without the /quiet switch. If you receive the message 'The older version of PDFCreator Business cannot be removed' click OK to go back to the application installer page. On the close page there should be a link to 'View Log'. View the log and browse for line 'ActionData: Found application: {12345678-ABCD-1234-ABCD-12345678ABCD}'. Copy the GUID and browse through the registry. Delete any references to the GUID.

If the installer cannot reach the activation server on the Internet then you will also receive this error. Ensure your web filter, proxy server, DNS and firewalls aren't the cause of this error message.