MSI Packages - Current status?


community is now waiting soooo many years for the MSI setup and there was also a donation over a year ago. It has clearly shown you how important it is - otherwise nobody would have donated. I'm sure one year is really a long timeframe to build a setup from scratch with MSI. We have done this with other software and it took two days. I have no idea what is so difficult here...

Can one of the involved developers provide the current status of this TODO, please? What is already done and what is missing, how many percent are ready and if there and light in the dark? I'm reading about some issues with bugs in OS and so on... let's create the setup only for Windows 7 x86/x64 and leave the XP machines outside if there are issues. Time is running for you... and XP will be end of live soon...

We need the MSI asap. Please stop all other development stuff and only work on this MSI stuff to get it finally done. All people how have donated are (getting) mad and you may never get any donations in future.