Multipage Printing No Longer Works

Since installing version 3.4.0, I am no longer able to print multipage files.

With multiple documents sent to pdfcreator, if I hit merge or save it just prints one page at a time.

Using windows 10

I didn't hear about that issue before, please try to reinstall PDFCreator according to our guide here:

Followed the uninstall instruction but still have the same issue

Sorry for the extra work, then. :confused:

Could you create a trace log following this guide and forward me the log via direct message? (Click on my user name -> Message)

Was wondering if you got the log file and have any further suggestions or recommendations.

Sorry for my late reply. I got the log and there is a warning in it:

[Warn] Problem detecting number of pages from source file(s). Set to 1. 
[Debug] Number of pages from source files: 1 

I'll forward the issue to the development team.

  • Which software did you use for printing?
  • Does the issue occur while printing merged documents or for all documents with multiple pages?

I'm using PDFCreator Free v3.4.0 build 5156.

Only when trying to print merged documents. Multi page single documents print correctly.

Are all pages/documents printed in the end or is anything missing?

If possible, please send me your settings and the documents we can use to recreate the issue with.
How to import and export PDFCreator settings?
I'll forward everything to the dev team.