Multiple PDF printers from one install of PDF creator


I would like to be able to run 2 instances of a PDF printer on a single server. 

The 1st instance is for user 'JobQue' where the file created would always have the same path and filename.  This is for an automation job that would wait for the PDF file's existence then move and rename it.   

The 2nd instance would be for any other user where they would be prompted for a path and filename.  It must not default to the value for the 1st instance.   Is this possible?

I'm guessing I'd create 2 differently named printers from one installation of PDF Creator. Selecting the 1st printer would follow the 1st instance mentioned above.  Selecting the 2nd printer would follow 2nd instance mentioned above.   Is this how it would be done?

Thanks, Rich

If you want share the second printer than is a prompt not possible. You have to use the auto-save settings for it (see help file please - server installation).