Multiple printer server setup on Win2k8 (yes, i read all the other posts)


I'm experiencing the same problem here. I did a serverinstall using the /UseINI parameter. I solved already the Win2008 specific DEP issue and I was also able to create two different printers that are using the -OptionsFile"..."-parameter on the spooler-command.

Whether I try to print logged in locally on the server or from a remote client using the network printers the same problem occurs:

Without PDFCreator.exe running nothing happens. Ok, that's mentioned in the help already. When it's started afterwards the queued jobs can be seen and get processed within the optionset from this startup.

So the plan is to have always an instance running. The problem is that there can't be more than this single instance and jobs printed on both printers use always the same optionsset (the one that is loaded into PDFCreator when it gets started).

So my question is: 

- How can I start/run multiple instances of PDFCreator.exe using different optionsets?


- How can the optionsets be switched within the mandatory running instance of PDFCreator.exe?

I've already spend so many days experimenting with the setup so ANY HELP is appreciated! At least I would like to know if the setup is possible at all. If the solution takes some time please contact to ensure you don't spend your time just for good. 

Thanks a lot

We are testing option profiles and multi printer at the moment with version 0.9.9 and it seems to be that it works. :-)

Glad to hear that support for multiple printer instances will be supported.  I'm looking for a PDF solution to use on a Windows 2003 R2 server running Microsoft Fax with 6 incoming fax lines.  Since some faxes are for HR and some accounting each will need to be saved in different directories on the server (which will restrict access by domain logon).   So I need a PDF Printer #1 to save in folder #1, PDF Printer #2 to save in folder #2 etc.. etc..   Is there a scheduled release date for 0.99? 

Thanks for the info,

Dan Z

Thanks for the info - looking forward to the 0.9.9 release.

I assume it's known behavior that when you start PDFCreator defining a different INI-file on the commandline the properties from the INI file will considered only when you go into the "edit options" screen.

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When will the 0.99 version be available? We already use PDFcrator but have currently 4 installations on four different servers because we need more then one output directory, even sometimes with different filenames.

Dear rossnet,

You said "I solved already the Win2008 specific DEP issue". How did you solve it? (I assume that you did not turn off DEP for PDFCreator, because that is not a solution but rather a paliative...)


I have the PDFcreator program running as system. as my print server is relatively self-running i have a simple bat which runs upon the server being powered up.

The bat file contains: "psexec -s -d C:\\progra~1\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe"

All you need is the free pstools kit from sysinternals ( and this simple command runs the server application as the system account (completely in the background) logging on or off doesnt affect it and it will continue to work as you have specified.


Hope this helps