Must Re-register PDFArchitect Pro Whenever I open it

Because of my employer’s rigid firewall policy, I was unable to register PDFArchitect Pro at work. Then I took my laptop home and tried to register PDFArchitect over my personal WiFi and - Viola! It worked!

When I opened PDFArchitect at work the next day, to my surprise it was un-registered and again, because of my company’s firewall, I could not re-register it. So that evening I did an experiment:

  1. Took my laptop home, successfully registered PDFArchitect over my personal WiFi.
  2. Closed and re-opened PDFArchitect and it was still registered.
  3. Disabled my WiFi adapter.
  4. Closed and re-opened PDFArchitect and now it was unregistered.
  5. Enabled my WiFi adapter.
  6. Closed and re-opened PDFArchitect and it was once again registered.

PDFArchitect has to connect with your server and validate my registration every time it’s opened.  You might think this security ‘feature’ will prevent people from stealing PDFArchitect without paying for it; and maybe it does. But if so, it’s at the expense of your customers who are paying for it.

Why can’t you design PDFArchitect to register itself once? Had I known the application security of PDFArchitect was like this beforehand, I never would have bought it.  Please consider changing this.

D. Bunch


will definitly be considered. I don´t think this is going to be a permanent solution.



I got so sick and tired of PDFArchitect Pro unregistering itself whenever I opened it at work that I replaced it with Corel PDF Fusion. Unlike PDFArchitect, I was able to permanently activate Corel PDF Fusion at my office.