Need a copy of pdfcmon

We have an application that we have developed using pdf creator.  It takes the created pdf and sends it securely through our email system.  We have designed it as a printer, in much the same way that pdf creator works.  The problem we have at present is pdfcmon only starts up/notifies pdfcreator when a print job is waiting.  We need it to start up our application which in turn runs pdfcreator.  There doesn't seem to be a reg key or some other external reference that tells pdfcmon who to start up.  If there is one, please let us know.  At present our program and pdf creator won't co-exist peacefully on the same machine and that's a real problem.

We'd like you to post the source code for pdfcmon so that we can add in the functionality to be able to specify which program to start up. Alternatively you could send us a copy so that we can create a specific version just for our software that won't be causing problems for either your users or ours.


we will contact you by mail shortly, thank you for your interest.