Need Full Example for Field Calculations

I am having a really difficult time trying to figure out how to add the values of multiple fields. I know the Calculate field event is used, and I have tried code in there as given in a different post. I have multiple fields where values of numbers (such as 1.2, 2.3, 3.4, 4.5, etc) are to be typed, and I want to add them together. I tired using and have pasted and copied this:

var a = this.getField(“field1”).value;
var b = this.getField(“field2”).value;
var c = this.getField(“field3”).value;
var d = this.getField(“field4”).value;
event.value = a.value + b.value + c.value + d.value;

But I am not able to make it work. Nothing happens.

Did I type it right (I tried it with and without the ".value" on each var line)?
Is there something I am missing?
Do I need code before or after this code ?
Do I need code in the fields I am retrieving this data?
Is there an actual example anywhere where I can see how it is typed up?

Nevermind, the new update appears to have made this obsolete. I hope I dont have to pay for the new update.


if you have the plan / subscription you won't need to pay for any update, it enables you to always use the latest version.

Best regards