Need help to read log file error generated during installation

I’m having difficulty installing PDF creator on a user’s computer.
I’m using the latest version of PDF creator in a Windows 7 Domain environment.
I keep getting the same error that there are no PDFCreator printer’s installed and that there was problem during the installation.
It then generates a log file of the error.
I have read through numerous forums from people who have had this issue and I’ve tried all their solutions but to no avail.
I can install the program fine on other computers but not this one.
If anybody can help me to pinpoint what’s going wrong I would greatly appreciate it.
I’m not quite sure how to read the log file so if there’s some sort of red flag I need to be looking for I would greatly appreciate someone pointing it out.

Dear @gabecvega,

Please send me the log file of the error (support (at) pdfforge (dot) org).

If I can’t make any sense out of it one of your developers will certainly do.

Thank you for your efforts.

Kind regards