Need help with installation

While trying to install pdf creator free version 2_0_2 on my windows 8.1 64 bit machine, the little green bar goes on and on. Initially the installation wizard said I had an older version installed, which was true. It asked me to allow it asked me to uninstall the older version and I gave it the permission. I unchecked the firefox add-on and started the installation. I then unchecked the adaware and search engine options. This is when the installation seemed to hang up. According to task manager, the program was running. I had to turn the machine off to make it stop attempting the installation. I deleted the installation file from my downloads file and downloaded it again from pdfforge. I got the same results when I tried to install. I copied the cmd line to force installation from the FAQ page and pasted it to the cmd line prompt. The cmd line then read C:\Users\Craig>Start->Execute->" /ForceInstall" and hit enter. The next line then read “The system cannot find the path specified”. I then tried it again from the command line prompt (Admin), and the cmd line read C:\Windows\system32>Start->Execute->" /ForceInstall" . I got the same path error again. Can anybody tell me what I need to do?


most likely it is a problem with the offer screen, please open up your task manager once the setup starts to hang and kill the installmanager.exe process. Afterwards the setup should continue.
You will most likely not need the /ForceInstall parameter for this, but a hint about using (any) parameters with .exe files: You need to specify the path to the file and then attach the parameter to it , e.g “C:\user\my user\desktop\PDFCreator-2_0_2-setup.exe” /Forceinstall . You need quotation marks around the path if it contains any spaces.
It is also possible to add a parameter by creating a link to the .exe file and adding the parameter under “target” in the links properties.

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