New feature request : destination file

Hello to all,

thanks for the very useful software.

May I suggest the following feature :

I often "pdf-print" websites to avoid the trouble with saving html pages. The default destination folder for the saved pdf file is the last one used. This is useful, but I would suggest to be able to have a default destination folder following the web site :

I would like to send my bank data prints to "MyBank" folder, scientific articles to "ScienceFolder", amazon purchases to "WebPurchase" etc...

In other terms, I would appreciate that pdfprint detects that the last time I saved something from "", the print was saved to "MyBank" folder, and propose it to me as default. But at the next time I use "", pdfprint remembers the previous print from this site was saved to "WebPurchase" folder and proposes it to me as default. And same with train or plane tickets that I usually store in "Travel" folder etc... Hotel bookings in "Hotel"  etc...

May be, a possibility for the default storage folder policy could be to propose one main default location as done today (last folder location), and propose below a second default (last folder location from this site or from this folder). 

Thnaks again to all.


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