"New update" :?)

Thanks for the new PDFC version! Just thought I'd mention: When your update notice appears, you don't have to say "New update available!" If it's an update, it's automatically "new", right? ;?)

Hi @ander

You are welcome!

I had to look at the notifications myself again. 'A new update is available' gives the users the choice to update when they want. The update is not mandatory although recommended. From our experience we can say that installing the latest version can already be the solution if anything unexpected occurs...

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I don't think you get it. It's redundant. Updates are always new—you don't have to say "new update". ;?)

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Now I am getting it. Sorry, second language and not enough coffee at the time of answering... :slight_smile:

Going to ask my colleagues and a native speaker, if the word 'new' can be scrapped.

Stay safe.

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Yes, we are going to change this with the next release. Thanks for your input (and your follow-up).