New User - create form from word document

After several hours of trying I have not yet created a form from a word document.  Has anyone else had so much trouble?

I made the document into a pdf. If I click anywhere in the pdf it puts a text box around the text and rearranges all the formatting.  I cannot figure out how to move text to make room for a field.  I cannot figure out how to simply copy & paste fields throughout the form.  I guess each field you create has to be sized – one at a time?  Clicking a field allows you to size it or move it, that’s all.  Right clicking allows you to remove it, that’s all.  What do you do when your field needs to wrap to the next line in the document?  Can you merge them or do you make the field “multi-line”? 

What are: combo box, list box and push button? 

Why are form fields all Widget type and named Text1, Text 2 etc?.

What are Widget events and Mouse events?
I guess someone can create forms with this software but I cannot. The “trial and error” experience to learn how the program works has been simply awful.  Can anyone point me to a tutorial, video or other resource?  The user manual is very limited.


combo boxes, list boxes and push buttons are default basic components and well documented on sites like wikipedia.
The form field name will be editable after the next update, do you need to be able to change the type?
There seems to be a bug with copying and pasting form elements, as cutting with ctrl+x works but pasting doesn’t, I have created a ticket for this issue. A multi-line field means the user can enter multiple lines into it.
The Mouse events are Widget events defined by their name, e.g “mouse enter” will perform a certain action like open a webpage if the user viewing the document moves his cursor into the area of the widget.

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I’m creating a document in pdfforge architect using form>text field but the option to wrap the text to the next line is not apparent. How can this be changed for my document?


there is no direct option for automatic linewrapping, but you can select the multiline option and create a multiline textfield by extending its vertical size.

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