New version 1.5.1

I use WINDOWS 7.

I installed the new version 1.5.1 as an upgrade on 1.5.0.

1.5.0 worked properly, but 1.5.1, when you try to convert simple jpg pictures returns on the monitor with no filname (returns blank) and the file size is shown as 0KB.

It is impossible to create the PDF files.

Are there some settings which I have to change to have my 1.5.0 functionallity back?

The documents are not even created. They appear WITHOUT NAME and SIZE 0K!


Who can help me out???


have you tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling? This doesn´t seem to happen on other machines ( at least we havn´t heared about this yet and it works here), so please try this first.
If it still fails, please post yout setuplog.txt here.