No Document created

Unable to create pdf document from Word files.Uninstalled and reinstalled PDFCreator-still no luck. When trying to create pdf file PDF print monitor opens with nothing in the queue.

Windows 7 using Office 2010

 I have found the same issue, but I think i found out a little more about the problem.


When printing from Windows 7 - Office 2010 - Word I can see the file go through the PDFCreator queue on my print server (server 2008). However, I don't see it in the auto save folder (shared from server 2008 server as well).

Now if I leave the autosave folder window open and then send a print job from word I can see all of the PDF's created.

I am not sure if the bug is on the OS, Office, or PDFCreator side.

I wanted to add my two cents so that the bug is confirmed.