No output from PDFCreator

I have had an older version of PDFCreator, but it stopped working and I uninstalled it. I dowloaded 1.7.3 version and 
I have just installed it. The printer appears in the printer list, but there is no output.
When I press print, there is no dialogue for file name etc.
Can someone please help in diagnosing the problem.

Does it show ‘offline’?   I had a similar problem and I’m still looking for an answer.



please post your setuplog.txt here or send it to, hopefully it will contain a clue to what went wrong.

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I have the same problem.
At first I got a filepath error but after reinstalling I don’t get anything. Did you find how to solve this ?
I am using Windows 8.
I am also sending you my setuplog file.

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Hi there,

I have the same problem too. Downloaded PDF Architect 2 today for the 2nd time, but when using the pdf printer from other programs on my pc, it just vanishes.

Where can I find where it puts the PDF-prints?

If I need to send setuplog,txt please tell me where to look on my pc.

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the setuplog.txt gets placed inside the main PDFCreator folder during the setup.
But PDF Architect 2 is our editor (allthough it also has a virtual printer), did you mean PDFCreator or are you having problems with PDF Architects virtual printer?

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I am having the same problem. I just installed the new version. The printer box opens and I clicked pdfcreator and then ok. Nothing happened.

Please help


did you install version 1.7.3 or version 1.9.5?