No pages printing from PDF documents

All of a sudden when I print from a PDF document it produces 0 pages. I need to merge 5 print jobs, 2 of which come from a single ODF document and the other three of which are saved PDFs. All three are saved, not printed, but now I need to print them to merge them to form a presentation handout.

Problem is happening on two different computers, two different versions of PDFCreator (updated the old one to the latest and still no joy). I don’t see any settings that might be creating this problem, and I don’t know enough about Acrobat Reader (where I’m displaying them) to know if there’s a setting there.

This beats the old GhostScript errors that popped up when trying to print from a PDF file created by printing, but as I said these documents are straight saves. Any insight would be appreciated!


did you enable any for of security for PDFs? Ghostscript won’t redistill PDF if they contain any security restrictions.
Setting the logging level to “trace” in the PDFCreator application settings will enable PDFCreator to log the exact Ghostscript error message, if there is one.

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