No server install option in expert mode on resintall

I’m trying to reinstall PDFCreator after resolving some network issues. 
Originally, it was installed in the normal mode.  Then, it was
uninstalled, preserving the settings and reinstalled in server install
mode.  I was still having problems, so I uninstall it again including
the settings.  When I try to reinstall for the third time, there is no
server install option.  Please advise.


were you using the same version each time?
Since PDFCreator was completely rewritten after version 1.7.3 it is the last version that got a server mode, I am afraid it is not supported anymore.

We decided to separate the server mode from the desktop application. We developed an independent service for server mode. Information about PDFCreator Server can be found here:

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Version 2.1.2.  Just downloaded it last week, and had it installed in server mode but had to uninstall it due to other issues.

I may still have the 1.7 install file.  I’ll try that.  I don’t want to pay $800 for the lone process this is used for.