Normal view mode blocks Windows task bar?

When I load PDF architect the Normal view mode (not Full screen) blocks the Windows 10 taskbar whenever it is maximised.

The taskbar is set to be on top as far as I can see, as all other programmes load leaving the taskbar visible.

I can take the programme window out of maximised, but then I lose the search/page navigation bar which normally sits at the bottom of the window.

Any ideas how to fix this?? Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Hello @MyVeryHandyPdfLogIn

I can't reproduce the issue on my PC (Windows 10 & PDF Architect 7, most recent updates).
Feel free to contact the PDF Architect customer service to report the issue:

Hi. I am having the same problem. I just downloaded the program. @MyVeryHandyPdfLogIn did you ever figure this out? Thanks!