Nothing happens after pushing print and how to reinstall print driver

I tried to make a pdf in MS Word 2000, I was using Pdf 1.4.2.  I tried to print to pdf and nothing happened. A pop up appeared asking if I wanted to upgrade to 1.4.3. So I agreed, and downloaded, closed all applications and installed 1.4.3.

I reopened Word and tried to print to pdf and nothing happened.

I unistalled 1.4.3 and reinstalled it. Tried to print to pdf again and nothing. Adobe Reader also updated in the interim. I did a repair on Word. I rebooted the pc. Tried to print to pdf from Word and nothing. I removed the pdf printer. I reinstalled 1.4.3 again and the pdf printer did not come back.

Help please! I need the virtual pdf printer back and tried to use windows 7 to install it, but couldn't figure out what to pick after selecting generic printer.




can you please post the setuplog.txt here, then we can help better:)

Did you reboot your PC between uninstalling and setup?