Older version auto-updating with disabled update check

Hi, we have a custom tool that we buy that uses pdfcreator as a library. However, their apis only work with pdfCreator 1.2.0.

We have noticed that starting this week, pdfcreator will force an update even though the check updates frequency is set to never. Is there anything that has changed that would make that option not work anymore? How would we go with letting pdfcreator not update so that our workflow can work as expected?


Hi @carlesf,

Is this PDFCreator Server 1.2.0 or PDFCreator Free 1.2.0. If it is PDFCreator Free, we are not supporting it any longer. I'm not aware, that we build-in some kind of forced auto update in this old version either.

Feel free to post a screenshot or two (without anything confidential), so I can have better understanding what is going on.

Best regards,

Thank you! it is indeed PDFCreator Free 1.2.0. I do agree with you that having such a force-auto-update that triggers 10+ years is odd.

I'll try to source some screenshots that paint a better picture of the issue

Since we won't publish an update for Free 1.2.0 to fix any 'auto-update' issue, I would strongly recommend blocking any outgoing traffic from our app via firewall or proxy. This way, it isn't tempted to update itself or suggest an update to users.