On RDS 2012 PDF Architect getting started and disappears

I’ve just installed the TS version of PDF Architect and there are 2 problems. 

The first, which I thought I saw something on but can’t find it, is that the getting started popup opens every time the application is opened even when it’s checked to not open it. This happens in normal RDS sessions and when PDF Architect is opened by a Remoteapp.

The second problem is with a remoteapp only. The user launches the remoteapp, document management, which lists many pdf files. The user then open one of the pdf files, PDF Architect opens and shows the file, but when clicking buttons (rotate, resize, etc) it seems to randomly disappears.  Task manager shows it still running and moving between the local windows and remoteapp windows will sometimes cause it to come back (like its running behind a window but we can’t see it because we’re using Remoteapp.

I’d really like to resolve these problems, I moved to pdfforge after having problems with Adobe (opening certain files and printing) and Foxit (printing). Any help is appreciated.



is this already PDF Archtiect 4 or still related to PDF Architect 3?

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