Open document after saving

While I appreciate the push towards PDF Architect, it would be great if we could remove this option if PDF Architect is not installed or have a different PDF editor open which is not necessarily the default PDF reader.


thank you for the comment. The option to select the default view still is present as in the “old” PDFCreator, ist currently just is placed a little backward. You can set it on the first page of the profile settings, where you can select if you want your default viewer, PDF Architect or no viewer at all.

When opening the doc saved is set, my program always open it with adobe acrobat, while the default program to open pdf’s is set to adobe reader.

Can’t find the way to set reader to default program when printing on pdfcreator.
Any other pdf I try to open, always does it with adobe reader (checked all the options on W7 default programs associated with extensions).

Can you give me indications to fix this problem?


That’s really strange. We are using the Process.Start directive of C#, which lets Windows decide which application to use. Due to this, we don’t have much insight in how Windows decides which application to use.

If you want to dive a little into the registry, you can look at:

The (Default) entry of this key has the application name it looks for, which should be AcroExch.Document

If so, you should find the key:
(AcroExch.Document again is the name you just found)

Which includes the path to the acrobat reader.

This is also the way Windows should look at while finding the application to open a file with and maybe this helps in fixing the problem on your machine.