OpenCandy Adware


Please discontinue using the OpenCandy API.  I and many others are no longer able to install your software because corporate (and most personal) antivirus products identify OpenCandy as malware.  Unfortunately, in a corporate world you can’t just override the block like you can at home so business users are most impacted.

Not only does this pose a significant problem for your long time users in the Corporate world, this shines an unattractive light on pdfforge.

Most of us in business understand that it takes money to create software.  You wanting to generate revenue through third party installs during the installation of your software, is not wrong.  However using a product that is flagged as malware by the antivirus companies is counterproductive to your goals.

Unfortunately, sadly and not by choice, I am now an ex-pdfCreator user.

I ask that other users post “Support” on this discussion to help allow pdfforge to understand the impact on it’s users.


thank you very much for the feedback, though according to only 4 out of 56 anti-virus products flag our setup.
We have started to offer an 100% ad free setup for a small license fee which is available here:
The problem is basically anything displaying an ad can get flagged as PUA so it is difficult to find a solution suitable for all ends, simply changing the offer partner does not solve the problem. 

best regards,

I’m in the same boat as rhuston.  At first i thought it was an issue with my AV (vipre engine) and have been working with them to try to resolve this. is now up to 8 as of 15 min ago.  I’ve been using PDFCreator for many years and will have to start uninstalling asap.