Opening PDF After Use


Previously after using PDFCreator, once I printed to it to create the PDF, the PDF would open automatically. Now after doing so I need to manually open the PDF. How can I set it so that the PDF automatically opens after printing to PDFCreator again? Thank you.

I have the opposite problem. I don't want it to open after I print it to PDF. I have 1 PC that is on version 3.5.1 that does not open and has a setting to choose "open file after saving" and I have 1 PC that is on version 4.1.2 that does open but I can't find an "open file after saving" option. I don't want them to open, and I would love to find out how to accomplish that in version 4.1.2

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Please switch off the 'Workflow Editor' to see that option again:

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