Options not sticking

I've installed pdfcreator on server 2003 using the server option. When I run pdfcreator.exe and set the Use Auto-save to true and set a directory, the settings stay until I close pdfcreator. When I open pdfcreator again, those settings have reverted. I want to run this as a service and I've set that up with the anyserviceinstaller.exe and the service is setup. However, without pdfcreator unable to store the auto save settings, the service is useless.

As a test I uninstalled pdfcreator and reinstalled is not as a server. I could enter the settings and they were remembered every time I opened and closed pdfcreator.exe. I then uninstalled again and reinstalled as a server. Again, I could not get the settings to stick.

Has anyone else run into this, or have any ideas how to fix it? Does anyone know where the default settings are pulled from so I can edit that?

Thanks for the help.

The other option I can see is starting pdfcreator.exe with the /OptionsFile switch as part of the service I create. Not sure how to setup pdfcreatore.exe as a service with a switch though.